3 Most Popular Android Apps You Should NOT Install

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What it is: QuickPic used to be a benevolent and simple to-utilize photograph display. It was rarely ostentatious, yet clear interchanges and incessant updates saw it consistently grow a very much measured client base.

Why it’s awful: It was purchased by the notorious Chinese firm, Cheetah Mobile, in 2015. It promptly turned into a hurtful application for Android; the organization began transferring clients’ information to their own workers, as confirmed by one Google Plus client who found a heap of new DNS demands that were inferable from the application.

The application was taken out from the Play Store by and large in late-2018 yet returned in 2019. At the hour of the return, Cheetah revealed to Android Police that QuickPic was not eliminated because of promoting click misrepresentation; rather, the organization simply didn’t have any desire to keep up it any longer.

Today, there are many QuickPic manifestations. It’s difficult to tell which is the first form. One simple to-observe rule will guard you, however: don’t introduce any of them!

What you should use instead: There are lots of gallery apps for Android. One of the best QuickPic alternatives is Simple Gallery. It has a photo editor, a file manager, and multiple themes.

2. ES File Explorer

What it is: ES File Explorer was likely the most famous document pilgrim application out there. That is on the grounds that it used to be great – five years back.

Why it’s terrible: The free form was siphoned loaded with bloatware and promotion product, and it unendingly pestered you to download extra applications by means of warning bar pop-ups you can’t cripple. Be that as it may, the circumstance got a ton more terrible in April 2019 when the previously well-known application was lost the Play Store for submitting click extortion on its promotions.

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, click extortion alludes to the act of consequently clicking foundation advertisements on clients’ gadgets without them staying alert.

Today, you can download the ES File Explorer APK or download many impersonators that are still on the Play Store. You ought to maintain a strategic distance from all emphasess of the application.

What you should use instead: There are loads of Android file explorers to choose from. If you’re concerned with ease-of-use, try Files by Google; or if customization is your thing, you can look to Total Commander.

3. UC Browser

What it is: The most well known Android internet browser in China and India. It professes to have a quick mode that will spare you information because of pressure.

Why it’s terrible: Tracking. Clients’ hunt questions are sent without encryption to Yahoo India and Google. A client’s IMSI number, IMEI number, Android ID, and Wi-Fi MAC address are sent without encryption to Umeng (an Alibaba examination device). Furthermore, clients’ geolocation information (counting longitude/scope and road name) is communicated without encryption to AMAP (an Alibaba planning device).

What you should use rather: Where to begin? Chrome and Firefox are the undeniable decisions on the off chance that you need a quick Android program, however a few people have stresses over protection there as well. The DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is a strong all-round choice.

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